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Bloodbugs are a species of mutated mosquitoes found in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The bloodbug appears, essentially, to be a greatly enlarged form of mosquito. Likely a byproduct of mutation due to nuclear fallout, they have grown in size over the time period since the bombs fell, in a similar way to the way radroaches and bloatflies have.

Hatchlings at least appear to be roughly two feet in length, from the head to the tip of the abdomen. They possess muddy brown coloration, resulting in them blending quite effectively into many of the environs of the Commonwealth. Like their pre-War ancestors, they also possess six long double-jointed limbs, two pairs of finely-veined wings and a long pointed proboscis which extends from between two compound eyes. This proboscis is the bloodbug’s primary means of assault, the bloodbug sinking it into its prey not unlike a syringe in order to suck blood – and, in the process, inflicting minor-to-intermediate radiation poisoning on the victim, as mentioned below. Worth noting is the fact that this proboscis can be collected by the Sole Survivor upon death of the bloodbug.

Gameplay attributes

This creature latches onto the Sole Survivor and NPC’s in an attempt to drink their blood. It then becomes engorged with the victim’s blood, and can later spit the blood back at the target for a large amount of radiation damage, suggesting that radiation is transmitted from the mutant to its victim. It can also spit acid at far away targets.



The most common variant of the bloodbug. Found in numerous locations throughout the Commonwealth, with encounters possible mere minutes after the Sole Survivor has left Vault 111.

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