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Brahmin are cattle found in Fallout 4, are a common sight amongst the post-War wastes of The Commonwealth.


Much loved beasts of burden utilized by wastelanders all across post-War America, brahmin are typically used by caravans, as well as by independent traders, and those simply looking to start a new life.


Brahmin have the appearance of a cow or bull with two grotesque heads. They are distinguished by their abnormally large udders.


It is likely that Brahmin developed from certain pre-war bovine species. Radiation from nuclear fallout has caused multiple genetic mutations, such as disfiguration of the skin, udders and most notably the growth of a second head.

Gameplay attributes

It was mentioned at the Fallout 4 gameplay reveal at E3 2015 that Brahmin will be having a more active role in the gameplay of Fallout 4 than in previous games. Specifically, it was confirmed that Brahmin caravans would be used to deliver supplies between the Sole Survivor’s settlements in the Commonwealth.


  • Settlements can be linked by supply routes, which are traveled by a Provisioner NPC and a pack brahmin.
  • One of the objects that can be crafted and added to a settlement is the heads of a brahmin mounted on a plaque.
  • A Brahmin Feed Trough can be crafted in a settlement, and will cause the brahmin to stay close to the trough. It serves no other purpose other than to stop them from spreading through out your settlement.
  • Kelly will sell a brahmin to the player for 100 caps. The player will need to choose a settlement to send the brahmin to.


Brahmin have appeared in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4 . They appear to be no different from Brahmin in the other series.

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