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Radscorpions are mutated arachnids found in the Commonwealth in the 23rd century. Background Radscorpions are a lot more bug-like than their Capital Wasteland counterparts, meaning they are more bony and not bulky. They also seem to be caked in mud, as now they actually burrow into the ground below the …

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Radroaches are creatures descended from cockroaches that live in the Commonwealth in 2287. Characteristics Biology The radroach has evolved, for now it can use wings to leap off and attack its enemies. However, the radroach is still weak to most physical attacks. They also have a limited ability to climb …

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Stingwings are creatures descended from scorpionflies that live in the Commonwealth in 2287. They can often be found in swarms, and their erratic flying coupled with a poisonous sting make them formidable opponents. Characteristics Stingwings appear to be some sort of large, mutated form of scorpionfly, with extended mouthparts and …

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Mirelurks are creatures ecountered in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. Background Characteristics An aquatic creature that appears in Fallout 4. This specimen in particular resembles a mirelurk hunter, but also differs in several aspects, such as seen with their legs. This specimen also walks in a mixed crab/spider-like motion, which …

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Bloodbugs are a species of mutated mosquitoes found in the Commonwealth in 2287. Characteristics Biology The bloodbug appears, essentially, to be a greatly enlarged form of mosquito. Likely a byproduct of mutation due to nuclear fallout, they have grown in size over the time period since the bombs fell, in a …

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A bloatfly is a common mutated pest resembling an oversized blow-fly, often found in the Capital and the Mojave Wastelands. Variants Bloatfly The bloatfly is a giant mutated blowfly. Bloatflies attack at long range by peppering their prey with spine-bedecked larva launched from its abdomen. Players can find bloatflies wandering …

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