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Yao guai

Yao guai are a species of mutated bears that inhabit the Commonwealth in 2287. Background After the Great War the fallout radiation from the bombs caused mutations to many species of wildlife in the years preceding the war. The Yao guai is a mutated bear, while it may be debated …

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Radstags are creatures descended from deer that live in the Commonwealth in 2287. Gameplay attributes Typically docile, but will attack when provoked. Variants Radstag Radstag doe Radstag yearling Rabid radstag Legendary glowing radstag

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Mutant hound

Mutant hounds are creatures found in the Commonwealth in 2287. Background These are dogs that have suffered major mutation damage. Usually they are accompanying super mutants. Characteristics Biology Mutant hounds are bigger than normal dogs. In addition, their hair has turned gray.

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Mongrel are canine-like animals that can be found in Fallout 4. Background Dogs come in many shapes and sizes in the Commonwealth. Mutated mongrel dogs are encountered quite frequently in the earlier stages of the game. Usually found in packs, in the wilderness or on roads and in towns. They …

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Mole rat

Mole rats are creatures found in the Commonwealth in the 23rd century. Background Molerats in Fallout 4 possess a unique ability which is not found in any previous game. They will tunnel to avoid their enemy or close in to attack unseen, they will also retreat to a tunnel if …

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Brahmin are cattle found in Fallout 4, are a common sight amongst the post-War wastes of The Commonwealth. Background Much loved beasts of burden utilized by wastelanders all across post-War America, brahmin are typically used by caravans, as well as by independent traders, and those simply looking to start a …

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