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Perks You Should Have in Wasteland

LOCKSMITH (PERCEPTION 4) The lock picking talent is not compulsory but it is necessary in the wasteland. It increases the chance to get more items and allows you to get a shortcut on some path or progress in the game. It is similar to the Hacker perk from Intelligence level …

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Ten essential survival tips for Fallout 4 beginners

1. Use V.A.T.S, always use V.A.T.S You may have read somewhere that Bethesda took inspiration from Bungie’s ever-expanding, never-ending, MMOFPS, Destiny, when designing Fallout 4’s combat system. Ignore that. Yes, you can tackle the game as a straight-up FPS, ducking and diving in and out of cover, and engaging in …

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Infinite Caps Glitch

Just because it’s a wasteland doesn’t mean you gotta run around with scraps. If you feel OK with completely breaking the economy of Fallout 4, there’s a glitch in the game right now that may be of interest to you. Behold: So, what’s happening there? Fallout 4 players have discovered …

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