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Fallout 4 Theory: Who Was Dogmeat’s Previous Owner? (Lore and Theory) #PumaTheories

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Hey guys, back with another Theory video and today, I wanted to go ahead and talk about Dogmeat. While Dogmeat’s Owner eventually does become the Sole Survivor, I think it would be interesting to discuss the possibility of whether Dogmeat had a previous owner or not. As always, we’ll discuss some of the lore or what we know about Dogmeat, and then speculate a little bit about who Dogmeat’s Owner may have been?

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  1. theory: in the start of the game if you activate the dog bowl in the players home they say " never gonna find that dog : could dogmeat be  the players dog? is that why he gets along with them so much? could something have happened to him the keep his body preserved? and puma if you see this, can you make a video on what happened to the players old dog or if dogmeat could be it!

  2. I found dogmeat in a junkyard with some dead raiders, but no owner.

  3. FALLOUT 3 dogmeat= albino dirty ancestor of FALLOUT 4 dogmeat

  4. im paldin dance I'm number 1

  5. Dogmeat is a synth dog sent out by Father to help you as part of the experiment.

  6. dogmeat and nick are 1 the most useful companins you can have a fallout 4

  7. I took Dogmeat with me to go get the cryolater and on my way there I glanced at the billboard in front of vault 111, and in the lower left corner there's a family with a little girl holding a German Shepherd puppy. Maybe this is the dogmeat in fallout 4?

  8. dog meat needs to be playable

  9. I thought dog meat was sent by the institute to help the soul Survivor hunt down and kill Kellogg father kinda mentioned it not being a coincidence he crossed paths with Kellogg

  10. or its just a plot hole

  11. or dogmeat is a syth modified by mysterious stranger

  12. omfg I have been asking oxhorn to do this for weeks but you did it instead that's a sub from me

  13. Wait so is dogmeat a different dog in each game named dogmeat, or did dogmeat travel across the continental United States?

  14. Is it possible that Dogmeat is a synth sent my Father to find the sole survivor and help him/her to the Institute? That would explain why Nick has had a relationship with him and how he almost appears to know the Sole survivor on sight. As for Mama Murphy, it would be possible that her small group could have been covertly informed that the Sole survivor would show up at Sanctuary (they did have some weapons and knowledge no one else really had pertaining to the Institute) so she may have been instructed to send Dogmeat to Sanctuary to begin the path home.

  15. ok NO what dogmeat actually is? is your dogs family because when you start the game you have a dog bowl and when you Click it he say we're are you boy so my guess is he survived had babies they had babies so on and so on until you meet one of them this is just my theory but based on the fact that your character says that and the fact that they even put a dog bowl in the game

  16. More than one Dogmeat is spelled "Dogmeats" without an apostrophe, as an apostrophe never, ever makes a word plural. Not ever.

  17. wait remember that you can get the pups perk in Fallout 3 maybe the Dogmeat in Fallout 4 is one of dog meets pups

  18. Dog meats old owner was the mysterious stranger nick says hes never in one place for to long

  19. what if the lone wanderer did come to the commonwealth after leaving the BOS and set up residence in the commonwealth. He started the minutemen to combat the supermutants and gouls because he had training and knowledge from being in the BOS which also explains why the use LASER muskets as a homemade energy weapon from the lone wanderers knowledge he obtained from the BOS on energy weaponry.

  20. Here is an interesting idea. Dog meat is a ghost or some guardian angel sort of thing. Think about it. He can never die, even from a deathclaw or a fall from a skyscraper. He always has your back no matter what, even when you got 20 raiders after your arse. And, as I have seen in multiple playthroughs, if you accidentally get him lost such as during a fight or you jump off a building, just turn around the next corner of the nearest building and there he is like nothing happened. It's like that ghost dog from gta 5 that always lead michael to that one douche that was constantly in trouble. Maybe they are cousins or something.

  21. Dogmeat is the descendant of the sole survivors dog before the war

  22. maybe dogmeat thought you were shaun

  23. even if Nick could be the owner I think it's a fact that he was traveling with Preston's sirvivor group, because in some dialogue in the game it is said that dogmeat let them to concord and ultimately ran away to look for help when the raiders started to attacked them, and that's when he found you, the player.

  24. so I went to see brotherhood of steel !!!!!

  25. Dogmeat could have been a police dog before the bombs dropped. Nick valentine before the bombs dropped was a cop, dogmeat could've been at that station.

  26. when your character is in his house before the bombs dropped there's a kennel in the house and if you interact with it your character says I'm never gonna find that dog

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