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Mirelurks are creatures ecountered in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.



An aquatic creature that appears in Fallout 4. This specimen in particular resembles a mirelurk hunter, but also differs in several aspects, such as seen with their legs. This specimen also walks in a mixed crab/spider-like motion, which is atypical of mirelurk variants documented so far. Of course, this may be a kind of “reboot” of the mirelurk’s design, in an attempt to make them look more crab-like. Mirelurks also appear to deal radiation when killed in close quarters.


  • Mirelurk hatchling
  • Mirelurk spawn
  • Softshell mirelurk
  • Mirelurk razorclaw
  • Mirelurk killclaw
  • Glowing mirelurk
  • Mirelurk queen
  • Legendary mirelurk killclaw
  • Mirelurk hunter
  • Glowing mirelurk hunter
  • Albino mirelurk hunter
  • Mirelurk king
  • Mirelurk deep king
  • Glowing mirelurk king
  • Legendary mirelurk king
  • Legendary glowing mirelurk

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