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Perks You Should Have in Wasteland



The lock picking talent is not compulsory but it is necessary in the wasteland. It increases the chance to get more items and allows you to get a shortcut on some path or progress in the game.

It is similar to the Hacker perk from Intelligence level 4, where you can continue on your path easier during the mission. However, the lock picking skill is far more useful for life in post apocalypse.

You will grab more ammo and get gears or weapons faster. It is not a silly idea to level this perk to pick all locks. You will not miss anything because you can unlock almost everything.



Shielding up your vault dweller will protect you from any harm and will take you further in battle.

Toughness can be learned since the beginning and no matter which build you tend to be, you can acquire this perk.

This perk is always useful, whether you learn it early or later. Every point you invest in it will not be wasted. There is no need to max it out but you can do it if you reach the end game or have no idea to send your points to go to any perk.


Live giver

This is an underrated perk. It is very strange that many lone wanderer tend to ignore this gift. Giving more 20 hit points can lengthen your life.

If you can extend your health, it means you don’t have to spend much on medical items. Moreover, RadAway is a really rare item. Whenever you get attacked, you unintentionally accumulate radiation to your health. Isn’t it good if you can have extra space for unwanted rad.

Life giver has only 3 ranks on its perks and you can make it maxed at level 20 if you want to.
At the ultimate rank, you can slowly generate health by yourself. Life giver totally works for most vault dwellers.



Increasing the efficiency of Stimpaks and RadAways are like giving you more medicine kits.
It is in everyone’s common sense that Stimpaks and RadAways are rare items to get. If you don’t use them carefully, you can consume them up quickly.

It is more important to plan for your inventory. If you don’t have to carry much food or medicine you can save more space for another rare loot or exclusive weapon.


Gun Nut

It doesn’t make too much effort to get this perk even though you started the game with INT 1.
Gun Nut lets you modify your weapon to improve your firearms.

Apart from adding more damage, you can adapt your gun to gain more accuracy and magazine capacity. Every thing is possible.

You will realize that the garbage you pick up along the way might be useful when you are in need to build your own gun.



Even though this game is not entirely for stealth, don’t throw this perk away. Sneaking ability can amplify your damage when attacking unaware enemy. The damage from ranged weapon might not be as powerful as melee but it is still useful if you tend to go for a sniper build. Some players also dedicate to create pure sneaky build as well.

Sneaking can help you shake the enemy off from tracking you. If you level it in high rank or get it maxed, you almost become invisible from your foes. Striking enemies down from behind will save your ammo and stimpak.



After the fallout, bullets are just as worthy as bottle caps. The perk gives you more chance to find more ammo. If you often have a problem with ammo issue. This one will make sure you never run out of bullets again.

The problem when you travel from place to place is that you usually get the ammo for the guns you don’t have or don’t use. It results in having to carry more guns in order to have matched bullets. Too many guns take more space in your inventory. It would be easier if you can find more bullets to send them into the enemy’s head without being afraid of ammo shortage.

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