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Protectrons are a type of robot encountered in the Commonwealth in 2287.


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Created by RobCo, protectron robots were designed (as their name suggests) for protection, although they can also be seen being used in a manual labor role as well. Typically used in office-type settings, their secondary programming is modular, making them useful as greeters, ticket collectors, bartenders, celebrity or historical figure impersonators, even sexual partners. In terms of combat, protectrons are usually weak and easy to defeat, because of their weak weapons and slow movement speed.

Some attributes of the protectron’s looks were derived from 1950’s comic books, which keeps with Fallout’s overall retrofuturistic theme.


Unlike protectrons in previous games, this iteration appears to have a transparent “faceplate” made of plastic or glass, with several blinking red lights visible behind the faceplate. It is possible to break this plate by fully damaging the head, which ‘blinds’ the protectron, reducing its accuracy. If the protectron is inactive and a melee weapon is used; it will increase the chance of breaking it. Previous versions had an opaque metal faceplate with a glass dome on top.


Protectrons have a glass dome on top of their heads that acts as an ocular lens that allows the protectron to scan its surroundings and act accordingly. In this glass dome is a laser emitter that shoots a high-powered laser. This laser is also in both “hands/claws”. The body of a protectron can swivel up to about 90 degrees to either side before having to step into a different position.

All protectrons come with a combat inhibitor mounted on their back that allows them to selectively target opponents. The combat inhibitor is generally left exposed, making it easy to disable when approaching a protectron from behind. When the combat inhibitor is crippled, the robot will fly into a frenzy, automatically targeting the nearest possible target, regardless of any previous affiliation.

Gameplay attributes

Compared to previous games, Protectrons have become significantly sturdier and particularly so against ballistic damage. On higher difficulties, they can easily shrug off shotgun blasts to the head. However, by attacking their limbs, their more vulnerable insides will be revealed, which can be attacked for extra damage. If both of the Protectron’s arms are destroyed, it will begin to glow yellow and explode like a mini nuke or a car after a short time.


  • Protectron
  • Protectron (Medical)
  • Legendary protectron watcher
  • Protectron watcher
  • Utility protectron
  • Police protectron


In Fallout 4, each Protectron now has a programmable personality, so that it can serve a variety of roles: default, subway steward, law enforcement, fire brigadiere, medical responder, and construction worker.

Generally, the personality does change the behavior of the protectron, and what it says as it patrols (construction workers will make comments about workplace safety and attack characters without work helmet, and medical responders will make comments about injuries and be generally passive until attacked). Medical responders will not heal player injuries and all variants will attack hostile NPCs on sight. The only notable change is that subway stewards will insist on seeing the player’s subway token and will attack when it is not produced (regardless of whether the player has one in their inventory or not).

(NOTE: it is possible to give the subway token to the subway protectron. Timing is everything as the player will need to press the action button/key immediately following the bot’s request. The player has a window of approximately .8 seconds to give the coin. Check out the YouTube video demonstrating the process.)

Personalities can be changed remotely without having to shut down the protectron.

Notable protectrons

  • Takahashi
  • Buddy
Protectron control terminals can be loaded with the Protectron override program holotape which gives additional options when linked with active protectrons. There are two options: “Disengage Safety Sensors” and “Override Alliance Parameters”. The first option reverts the Protectron to view all entities as hostile, including the Sole Survivor. The second option sets the Protectron to be friendly towards the Sole Survivor and any companion(s), and hostile to their enemies.


Protectrons appear in Fallout 4

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