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Radscorpions are mutated arachnids found in the Commonwealth in the 23rd century.


Radscorpions are a lot more bug-like than their Capital Wasteland counterparts, meaning they are more bony and not bulky. They also seem to be caked in mud, as now they actually burrow into the ground below the player character.


  • Radscorpion


Radscorpions are one of the stronger creatures you will end up facing off against. Their ability to burrow and pop up right behind you makes them very formidable, until they ‘unborrow’ where they’re likely to shoot up into the air then fall to their death. After you get your first shot off, they will most likely burrow immediately, and then appear behind you. It is a good idea to keep moving once they burrow, so that the scorpion cant get a hit on you the second it pops out. While shooting it in its face will deal the most damage, the face is also the hardest part to hit, and may sometimes be blocked by its claws. It is far easier to shoot and cripple its stinger so it cannot hit you with a more powerful attack.

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