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Fallout 4!

Hey if you like daily video games and random blogs subscribe and like. If I can make you smile I’ll smile. I hope you enjoy!😜😁 source

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Fallout 4 Wanderer

Video games of the current gen and those that came before. Wrestling talk coming soon. Doing let’s plays so you don’t have too. Home of ACW (American Cosplay Wrestling) Just a Merc doing Odin’s work. source

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Tanks for the memories (Fallout 4)

INTRODUCTION: Hi, my name is Scott Colten or for short call me DASHFIST and nice to meet you and I would like to welcome to my YouTube Channel, I do video games or random things but mostly I do live streams, I play from games like Brunwick’s Bowling to Call …

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Popular Fallout 4 Radio Mod Runs Because Of Invisible Cats

It’s been said that many video games are all smoke-and-mirrors—elaborate feats of code and trickery that imply possibilities far greater than what you’re actually able to do. Sometimes, though, the truth is much stranger. Sometimes the truth is radios powered by invisible cats. Read more… Source link

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Fallout 4 Terminals Used in CNN ‘Russian Hacking’ Story

The news outlet CNN uses footage of a computer terminal screen from Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4 to depict “Russian hacking” in one of its stories. As many Fallout 4 fans will attest, the computer terminals in Bethesda’s latest entry to its post-apocalyptic RPG franchise offer a fun diversion in …

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Watch: We made Pig Oat Mash from Dragon Age

Somewhat improbably, my culinary adventure through the realm of video games has been allowed to continue – turns out people quite like watching me blunder about in a tiny, rubbish kitchen. No accounting for taste, I suppose. Spurred on by recent experiments such as the horntooth pie from Final Fantasy …

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